Monimoto Smart Alarm System Motorcycle Tracker

Monimoto Smart Alarm System Motorcycle Tracker

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Monimoto Smart Alarm System Motorcycle Tracker


MONIMOTO Smart Alarm System Motorcycle Tracker is a smart DYI alarm system for motorcycles, scooters, ATV’s. It Notifies about unauthorized use of the vehicle via direct call to the mobile. Sends vehicle’s location via the app.

  • No professional installation costs.
  • No maintenance. Just replace standard batteries.
  • It is a battery powered, portable system – switch easily between different vehicles.
  • It is not connected to a motorcycle battery, therefore, using it does not breach the original warranty of the vehicle.

WHY MONIMOTO Smart Alarm System Motorcycle Tracker

  • Increases chances of theft prevention or vehicle recovery due to prompt alarm call combined with vehicle location detection and reporting via app
  • Offers significant advantage over standard GPS trackers in quickness of the alarm event response by the user. Conventional GPS trackers are not equipped to make an alarm call and are limited to sms/email/push notification reporting only!
  • Provides an additional means to recover a stolen vehicle in case of theft. According to statistics most of standard locks fail to prevent thefts effectively.
  • Offers significant savings advantage in cost of ownership when compared to. professionally installed systems, which are expensive and require maintenance.
  • MONIMOTO is a portable system, with easy transferability between different vehicles once you buy a new motorcycle. Professional systems will require a new purchase and installation.
  • Can be easily shared between few vehicle owners without removing it from the vehicle, as long as each driver has an separate KEY and MONIMOTO app configured on their phone.
  • One user can have any number of MONIMOTO devices paired with their phone. This is useful when you have more than one vehicle or want to protect multiple portable assets.

Product Features

  • 2 year warranty
  • IP65 water/dust protection standard
  • First 2 months GSM Roaming service in all EU countries is free of charge. Later, 3 EUR/month only!
  • Default connection to the strongest GSM operator/signal in any country.
  • SIM card balance reporting to the app feature.
  • There are no service fees to MONIMOTO company. You only need an active SIM card.
  • Customer is free to use any SIM card of his/her choice


  • Avoid carrying the KEY attached to your Motorcycle keys. We advice to carry the KEY inside your pocket to make sure it is not accessible for potential theft.
  • Do NOT put Monimoto in an enclosed metal environment as radio waves cannot travel through metal!


The paired KEY is used to identify the legal owner. When MONIMOTO detects movement of the monitored vehicle it initiates a search of the paired KEY within 10 meters radius.

If the KEY:

  • is located, MONIMOTO remains in a “sleep” mode.
  • is not located, MONIMOTO activates “alarm” mode and prompts alarm call.



1 x MONIMOTO device

1 x KEY (key-fob)

2 x releasable zip ties

2 x CR123A batteries for MONIMOTO

1 x CR2032 battery for the KEY

1 x  micro-sized international SIM card


MONIMOTO has a smart app for configuration and management of your device. App features:

  • Battery Monitor. Check the battery level of your MONIMOTO, and receive alerts if it is running low.
  • SIM card balance Monitor. Get status notifications of the SIM card balance.
  • Adjust motion sensor sensitivity. The motion sensor triggers all the anti-theft features. You can adjust its sensitivity through the app.
  • Full event log. The event log automatically keeps track of the device status.
  • Support and guidance. Receive product guidance and tech support.


NOTE! MONIMOTO app supports iOS devices – iPhone 5S, iOS version 10.3.1 or later. Make sure your phone has Bluetooth 4.0+ (BLE), as connection between phone and MONIMOTO is being supported using this technology.


MONIMOTO requires active SIM card with GSM connection. MONIMOTO package comes with a pre-installed SIM card with activated GSM roaming services plan.

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