Loyalty Points

Customer Loyalty Points

We want you to get the most from your PB purchases, that’s why we’ve now introduced a Loyalty Point system to give you even greater value for money! Earning Loyalty Points allows you to get money off your orders and best of all this service is FREE!

Collecting your Loyalty Points

The main way to earn Loyalty Points is by purchasing products. For every £1.00 spent we give you 2 Loyalty Point and 100 Loyalty Points earns you £1.00 to spend on any products.
The amount of Loyalty Points earned on each product is shown on the product screen.

Checking your Loyalty Points

To check how many Loyalty Points you have accumulated, simply login and your Loyalty Points will be displayed here.

Spending your Loyalty Points

Once you have accumulated your Loyalty Points,  you can use these at anytime during the checkout process.
So start collecting your Loyalty Points today and save money, they’ll soon add up!

Gain Your PB Reward Points Now Your Reward*
Register Your Account 100 Points

Purchase Products
100 Reward Points = £1
200 Reward Points = £2
500 Reward Points = £5
1000 Reward Points = £10
2500 Reward Points = £25
5000 Reward Points = £50

See individual products for details