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PB 2016 Motorcycle Gloves

We have now launched our very own 2016 Motorcycle gloves at amazing value for just £34.99

Firstly we have the PB Dell leather motorcycle gloves with knox sps protection on the palms, The gloves are made of genuine leather with a soft feel to allow for a comfortable fit, We are confident you will not be disappointed with this glove offering top quality at amazing value

Knox SPS works by adding two ‘skids’ [sliders] to the palm of the glove, one of which covers the general area over the scaphoid. The second slider acts as a bridge and stops the grab and twist effect. This system protects the hand from compression fractures and hyper-extension, caused by the grab effect when a leather palm grips the road surface and forward momentum carries the rider’s body over the hand. SPS allows the outstretched hand to slide along at the same speed and remain in front of the rider’s body

  • Grade A analine Goat Leather
  • Grade A analine cow Leather on palm
  • TPU Knuckle Protection
  • Foam Padding On Finger Tips
  • TPR Cuff Velcro closure
  • Silicon Powergrip’ on palm for secure grip
  • High quality polyester thread used
  • Genuine Knox SPS System used on Palm

Next we have our very first off road Motocross gloves, PB Element Motocross Gloves made from high quality amara synthetic leather from just £14.99

  • Amara Synthetic Leather Material
  • Nylon Forway
  • Direct Inject
  • TPR cuff Velcro closure strap
  • Neoprene Cuff
  • Silicon ‘Powergrip’ on fingers

Be sure not to miss out on these fantastic gloves from PB, more ranges to be added soon.

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